Battery Management

Battery Management Solutions

MPS’s battery management products offer a high-level of integration and programmability which reduce design time, solution size and complexity.

Fast charging: Unique integrated power FET process allows for faster charging and cooler operation
High accuracy: State of charge estimation, input current limit, charge current & battery voltage regulation
Safety focused: JEITA NTC monitoring, charge & watchdog timers, UV/OV/OC protection, and thermal regulation
Quick time to Market: Programmable settings to allow for easy customization and short design time
AEC-Q100 Qualified
Automotive application ready

High Power Efficiency
Excellent thermal performance

Leading Power Density
Reduces space requirements

MPS offers a full catalog of high performance power management solutions for today's demanding automotive applications. These products are designed to tackle key automotive application challenges like load dump, cold crank, reduced EMI, and low power. Our catalog of AEC-Q100 qualified devices can offer a total system solution, from DC/DC converters and motor drivers to fully integrated USB chargers and LED drivers.

Battery Management Reference Designs

Battery Management Applications

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